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Whelp. I have moved into the dorm.
Maybe if I keep busy I won’t panic.

On the other hand, I’m very excited. My roommate is a lovely gal and everything I brought fits so that’s good. My calendar seems to be having issues staying attached to the wall but hey, I’ll just add more adhesive. It’ll stick eventually. 

I have located all of my classes on a map, my earliest class MWF is literally in the same building as I am, I just have to go down two flights of stairs and take a right (I AM SO PLEASED).
Two of my classes are directly across a lovely little scenic outdoor path from each other.
My only real concern is that I have an auditorium class that’s about as far away from my dorm as it could get, but ah well, the walk will get my blood flowing! And I have no other classes those days until late in the afternoon, so it works just fine.

Mother brought me food as a gift, and I love all of it.

I’ve handled myself pretty well thus far. I only cried once!!! Booyah!

Can’t think of much else to say just yet. I’ll keep you all posted

So not only is my bed a six foot death drop off the ground, but it's more narrow than my bed back home.
This is gonna be a fun adjustment.

Evening of Day 2
Fuck, my shoes :\ They have one of those plastic things of doom in the heels and thus my ankle is now KILLING me. It's not bleeding (luckily) but it's scraped and hurts like a bitch. Uhhh, what's gone on today. I physically mapped out my classes, and some good study areas, and we have an art gallery on campus! It's this LOVELY collection of paintings and one wing has the personal collection of an artist whose name I cannot remember, but she has DARLING and CREEPY surreal art pieces and I liked them well enough (her art style isn't really my thing but I'm glad for her).

Then we went to this Freshman Welcoming Sermon Seminar which was hot and sweaty but I got to sit/walk next to
my good friend so it wasn't unbearable.

Dinner was shortly after, and we had pasta :3

After that I chilled out in my room a bit, and then there was this big thing called Mania which was SUPER crowded and basically was a showcase of all the sports clubs and a few local food places. I got a coupon for a free pizza and the business card of a local T-shirt printing place, which I thing will be VERY helpful in my cosplay for the convention this year. I also got my email on the list of the running team, I'm going to see about getting into a habit of jogging again (I miss cross country).
Now I am back, and sweat-free! The showers aren't as gross as I was initially expecting, from all the hubbub that people have given, but I'm still going to be wearing flip-flops in those things XD

My roommate does not seem to notice that I am sitting here without pants on, which is nice. She's a lovely person in general, and I'm quite glad that she and I get along well enough.
She's not really in here all that often. Which is really nice, because I like having personal space. She probably thinks I'm a hermit, but hey, she seems to understand the concept of introversion.

I think I might try to write a bit tonight? Like, I'm not going to post any new chapters anytime soon, but I feel in a writing mood.
Who knows, it might not even be of Tiw and Zeph :\

Much love, and I'll keep you posted

Day 3
Well today was fun!
So I woke up, ate brunch, and then watched Bonnie and Clyde with my lovely friend.

And then there was a multicultural music festival!!!!! First this lovely group played the Taiko drums, which are Japanese! And then they asked for volunteers and of course I was ALL over that and so I got to play the drums!!! And then after them there was a group called Krochanya (I believe that's how it's spelled) and they hailed from the Ivory Coast!!!!! And they were SUPER cool and the lady was sooooo prettyyyyyyyy and the main guy was so fun! And they were dressed up in traditional garb and it was so cool!!!! But it must've been SWELTERING in those outfits in that abysmal heat.

Then later we had dinner and then we went to a performance of the SHOW CHOIR!!!!! It was AMAZING!
They were all sooooo attractive (why is everyone hot?).
And they were super talented and it was great.

Also, I have found that my mother was right.
I wore the sunscreen that she packed for me. Day three.
I am a failure at not needing thing my mom says I need.

Day 4
Today was GREAT fun!!!

So I went out of my room later today than yesterday, but whatever, and so at the Student Union (Which is basically the main point for all going-ons) I saw that a fantasy and sci-fi club was meeting!!! And so naturally I went, and they were playing dungeons and dragons!!
I met two other Homestucks there :D But alas, they didn't seem as involved as me, which was kinda a letdown but eh :\ *shrug*

After that I chilled out in my room a bit, and after THAT I went to Free Shit Sunday!!! Okay technically it's called the Big Red Welcome but literally only the adults and bulletin boards call it that XD
Basically a lot of campus groups and then nearby organizations set up a table and market!
And I got a lot of free shit.
Like, I got candy, and I got fliers, I got a whole bunch of church organizations information and so I'll be going to a bunch of open houses, and I got enough coupons to make mother balk XD There's this thing called First Friday Artwalk where basically I can go to any art gallery the first friday of the month and I can just walk into them :D I got a map and directory of the downtown area, I know when a bunch of rock concerts are going on, there's an on-campus blood drive I'm going to sign up for, and OH! There are four plays that I was enlightened about, two of which were student written!(If I heard the lady correctly, Free Shit Sunday was LOUD and CROWDED AS FUCK). There was an animal shelter there so I got to PET DOGS THOSE MAJESTIC CREATURES OH MY GOSH!!!! :D
And there's a thing called the Cat House where basically you walk in and pet cats and I am SO going there sometime relatively soon.
There's a film making club that I wanna check out (not to participate in, but to view)
And I got in contact with some of the Lauras girls! Lauras is the local lit magazine and I want to join SO BADLY!!!
There was free food too. It was great.

And then I met a few of my roommate's friends, and that was fun.

Classes start tomorrow. I'm less anxious than I originally would've supposed. Which is a good thing, I suppose :)

Much love to all of you, sleep well, and wish me luck!!!

So I have successfully survived my morning classes! Yay!

Great Love Stories was my first class, my Honors English course and the fulfillment of my Honors requirements. The teacher seems WAY cool!!! She was old and very friendly and seemed quite loving of her literature! I met a friend named Lori there, she and I did the team-building exercise together and she's a lovely gal!

Literature of the Great Plains was my other morning class, and I'm wary about that one. The teacher was being a jackass, but she was trying to be a funny jackass? I don't know man, I think she was trying to be a cool asshole but it's the kind of douchebaggary that one has to become accustomed to. She kept on critiquing everyone's high school education which, okay, is not fucking cool. I fucking LOVE my high school English and History teachers, so fuck off man.

Waking up an hour before my roommate is gonna be interesting XD I have to walk around quietly, but I think I ended up waking her anyway. Poor her >.<;;
We wake up at the same time on Tuesdays and Thursdays though! So that's good at least.

Now, I am off to eat lunch! and then I'm going to have Native American History and then Writing and Communities as my afternoon classes!

Evening of Day 5
My afternoon classes were great! Native American History was kind of a letdown because I was hoping we'd cover THEIR history and not the history of Native Americans since the white people showed up.
My Writing and Communities teacher is probably going to either be a teacher I can't stand or a teacher I'll absolutely adore and right now I'm on the adoration end of the spectrum :D

After my classes I was tired, so I went, checked out Pride and Prejudice from the library, and returned to the dorm to rest. I was just very tired.
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United States
Heyo. I'm a tad nutty and a lot nerdy, I like writing and reading and I'm not too bad with a pencil and piece of printer paper. I'm pretty friendly so feel free to talk to me about laughter, love, and life in general XD

My best friends consist of :icondead-poet-s0ciety: :iconbatmanbackflip: :iconperpetualconfusion: and my beloved cousin :iconsiracerbic:
Well, at least, as far as friends who have a dA go, anyway (you guys, get a flippin dAAAAA)

Bluh. Half of me wants to not put Tiw and Zeph into various groups and stuff until I'm totally done, but half of me really wants to. What should I do? 

5 deviants said Put your story in groups!
1 deviant said Wait until you're done!



Cool let's do this
Damkina for Roquer0 by HaroThar
Neverb4, I finished it by HaroThar
Made for a friend by HaroThar
In for a visit. by HaroThar
Zeph by HaroThar
Rikash by HaroThar
I can do color now. I can do sketches too. I also write, but I haven't been able to do any of that (I got one request forever ago but it wasn't something I was able to complete.
So I'll do whatever you like, sketch, colored pencil, or words.
If it's Homestuck related I guarantee it'll get done faster XD


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