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But my computer has died! So I'm doubly unlikely to get on from here until.... a while from now.

Sorry lovelies!


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Haro T. Litori
United States
Heyo. I'm a tad nutty and a lot nerdy, I like writing and reading and I'm not too bad with a pencil and piece of printer paper. I'm pretty friendly so feel free to talk to me about laughter, love, and life in general XD

My best friends consist of :icondead-poet-s0ciety: :iconbatmanbackflip: :iconperpetualconfusion: and my beloved cousin :iconsiracerbic:
Well, at least, as far as friends who have a dA go, anyway (you guys, get a flippin dAAAAA)


But my computer has died! So I'm doubly unlikely to get on from here until.... a while from now.

Sorry lovelies!
The two boys laughed, their brown eyes dark and lifeless even as they guffawed.

“Yeah, bitch, get back in the kitchen and make me a sandwich,” the second of the boys echoed, tapping his friend on the shoulder and gesturing at the soft, darkly colored girl. She continued playing her violin as she sat on the park bench.

“You ignoring us?” the first boy shouted, grinning like he’d won.

“I certainly am,” the girl said, her oaken skin shifting over her bones as her violin let out a beautiful noise. It was a shame, really, that the boys couldn’t appreciate the ethereal beauty of her strings.

“Oh, you think you’re hot shit, huh little bitch?” the second one shouted, emboldened by his companion.

“I just don’t think you’re worth the time,” she said, standing up, her violin still singing, a little faster now. She knew the boys’ egos would take a blow at her words. She hoped it would push them into complete stupidity.

They did become enraged, their delicate superiority crumbling at her evident apathy. She turned on a heel halfway through one of the boys’ sentence, not caring which one or what he was saying.

“Don’t follow me,” she ordered, knowing that her command only ensured that they would.

“You think you can tell us what to do?” one of them yelled, and they did follow her. Had they been a bit smarter, they would’ve noticed that although they were lunging forward and she was only walking, they were not catching up. Had their masculinity been even remotely more solid, perhaps they would’ve had two brain neurons to rub together and notice how little the girl’s earthy hair was moving in the remarkably strong wind.

Had either of them listened to their ancestors, they would’ve stopped outside the circle of mushrooms.

But when two human feet encased in human shoes stepped into the ring, the violin stopped and the girl’s head turned to face them.

“How nice of you to join me,” she said, and the roots of the tree that had died there crept upward, decaying and covered in rotted spores but still seeking out the life that it could now only receive in the form of flesh.

“I do hate to do this to you,” she said plainly, yet still heard over their screams, “but I simply refuse to die, and sometimes sacrifices need to be made.”

She watched apathetically as the meat was ripped from the human’s bones, their screams guttering out like slaughtered cattle. Or perhaps sheep. They really were such stupid creatures, and what harm would it do to kill a few of the herd.

After all, the trees tend to the humans the same way humans tend to pigs and chickens. They bring forth fruit to sustain, befriend the worms of the earth that turn them all into fodder, and consume humans in their eventual end, do they not?

Her roots settled back under the ground, the tombstones of her grave as adorable and harmless as fungi are wont to be.

“You can chop me down,” the oak said, bringing back up the violin- a piece of her had been carved into, “but I will never die.”

She walked back to the park bench, a single plank of its beams a long lost limb of hers, and sat, perched, waiting for her next victims to lure atop her corpse.
Why Humans Shouldn't Mess With Fae
So the prompt for this was "Sandwich, Sacrifice, Violin" and I had to make a story using those three terms/concepts. 

I remember reading that the scientific reason fairy rings grow is because they're around the circle of where trees used to be, and died, and fell, and the roots rotted underneath the ground, and so like, those are natural graves, portals into the realm of the fae. So I wondered to myself "but what happens when a tree gets chopped down?" I'd imagine the tree wouldn't take kindly to it.

I also like the idea of trees knowing that we eat their fruit. Like, trees that spend a lot of time with geneticists and agricultural scientists are probably really used to humans going about, doing their human things.
So the trees grow bigger fruit since that's clearly what the humans want, ya know, because humans take care of them. Good soil, good fertilizer, plenty of water and sunny places. And when the humans die, they are fed to the worms, and the worms turn the humans into food for the trees: they're the fertilizer now.
And a tree chopped down might take the humans, instead of waiting for the worms.
I have written and posted two new fics onto my AO3, both of them sicfics, both of them Homestuck.
Drop on in if you want to read them!…
My ancestors were Egyptians. They were royalty, god-like for their ability to banish evil spirits. Millennia later, I continue on with their work.

“Bitch,” I hiss, “stay away from my child.”

The spirit looks at me without eyes. I hate it when they don’t have eyes- oh wait, there they are. All black and glossy, sleek as well-groomed fur.

“She will take my burden,” the spiral spirit whispers.

“No,” I tell the Lady of Spirals, “No she won’t. Stay away from my child.”

“She will take my burden,” the Lady of Spirals repeats. I feel myself tensing, my back and shoulders making an arch as I ready myself for attack.

“Bitch,” I repeat for the last time, “I will make your existence a misery.”

She grabs my child by the ankle and I let out a war cry. My child awakens and the hovering spirit shakes, little spirals falling off of her like coiled springs. She does not release my child’s ankle, however, so I attack.

My child is screaming but I will return to her in a moment. Finally understanding, the spirit floats away from her, down the steps and I angrily chase her. She floats to the living room before I finally catch her in my claws and I pull at her many spirals like unravelling a ball of yarn. She shrieks, and her burdens fall to the floor like discarded toys. They dissipate like smoke, and I return to my child.

“There there,” I tell her. I have to scream everything at her because my child only understands the language of babies. It’s okay though, I love my child. She is crying because of the bad dream that spirit gave her, no doubt, and I purr at her reassuringly. I shout a few more encouraging words and she scratches my cheeks with one paw while she wraps me tightly to her breast with her free limb.

“It’s okay,” I shout and my child babbles incoherently, as she is wont to do.

I purr and press the top of my skull against her chin. I took care of the evil spirit. It was fine.
Lady of Spirals
So I recently had a REALLY bad dream about this Lady of Spirals and in the dream my cat saved me from her, so I wrote about it.

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Cool let's do this
Damkina for Roquer0 by HaroThar
Neverb4, I finished it by HaroThar
Made for a friend by HaroThar
In for a visit. by HaroThar
Zeph by HaroThar
Rikash by HaroThar
I can do color now. I can do sketches too. I also write, but I haven't been able to do any of that (I got one request forever ago but it wasn't something I was able to complete.
So I'll do whatever you like, sketch, colored pencil, or words.
If it's Homestuck related I guarantee it'll get done faster XD


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